About Tools4Coaches

As an experienced coach and manager of a coaching company in Geneva, I created tools4coaches.com to help other coaches prepare their coaching sessions. This web app is based on the experience I have gained over the past few year.

Tools4coaches.com will constantly evolve and we will update you regularly about new sections, tips, exercises, and other valuable content which you will be able to use for your sessions. The Tools4coaches app has been created for you, the coach. It is not intended for use by your coachees. So before a session, go through the cards to get familiar with potential areas you could explore with your coachees depending on their words, behavior, tone of voice, and body language among others.

I was born and raised in Switzerland before moving to Boston, United States, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in communications. I then worked as campaign assistant for Senator Edward Kennedy’s Senate re-election campaign. Back in Switzerland, I worked with a biotechnology company before obtaining a diploma in journalism and becoming the editor of a Swiss watch company’s external magazine. I then set up a web-design company for medium to large enterprises. I became a full-time Accredited Certified Coach (ICF www.coachfederation.org) in 2015 after studying for two years at the International Coach Academy. For more information, see my linkedin or novaprism.com. For any questions, please contact me via email.

Hélène Genillard

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